Blue Card EU Loan

Is a Loan for your Real Estate with Blue Card EU in Germany possible?

Clear answer: Yes!

With a Blue Card EU Loan you can buy in Germany a House. Also can you build a Real Estate or a house with a Blue Card EU Loan.

- You are an Emplyee or a Worker since at least three months. You can show at least three salary payment administrations.

- You have a normal Employment. Or it is limited in time. Or you are in the probation.

- You have for German the Blue Card EU or a temporary residence permit.

A Blue Card EU Loan you get from Hillermann-Finanz with a Top interest rate.

A Loan is possible untill 100% from the Price for the Real Estate or House or Flat or the new building.
100% Price is what stands into the Notar Contract.
It is only the Price without the costs for the notary, the costs for the german Tax Office and the Makler or estate agent.
Therefor you can take the Blue Card EU Loan.
The dream for your own property – the dream for the Blue Card EU Loan - is possible if you work since 3 Months on your employer.
Thus a Blue Card EU Loan is possible if you are work limited in time.
A Blue Card EU Loan is also with a fixed-term employment contract testable.

Hillermann-Finanz likes to help you in all Germany to get a Blue Card EU Loan.


Events are possible every time, also on weekend.
 - Telefon: 0152/53728220

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